Beginner Watch Enthusiast, Blogger, YouTuber

Hi, I'm Ashley

As a female watch enthusiast (a beginner, that is!), I hope to offer a unique perspective on watches, and I want to share my experiences and honest insights with you.

With some extra time on my hands (pun intended), I couldn't resist creating a chill space where I can talk all about watches.

My aim is to share honest insights, have fun and engaging discussions, and connect with a like-minded community.

Real talk here - I'm not on any sponsorships right now, and I'm not looking to deceive anyone. If I ever do get a sponsorship one day, I'll make sure that you know it so that you can take that into consideration while watching my reviews. Rest assured that if I ever review a watch, I'll give you my genuine thoughts, whether it's good or bad.

I understand that everyone has their biases, and I'm no exception. If a friend kindly lends me his/her watch, I may be a little more forgiving, but I'll still provide valuable points to consider especially when it comes to pricing.

I'm not just here to talk about watches, but also to learn and connect with people who share the same passion. If you want to join me on this, make sure to follow me on YouTube and Instagram.

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