How to Change Watch Battery in 8 Simple Steps

Are you still visiting watch repair shops to get your battery replaced? Well, guess what, it is easier than what it may seems and you may even attempt it yourself. I will be breaking down how to change your watch battery in 8 simple steps (with picture and/or video).

If you prefer a video version: here it is.

Before you begin:

Determine what type of case backs you have

Watches typically have two types of case backs enclosing the movement inside. It’s important to know how to differentiate it because it will determine the required tools.

Snap on / snap back case back tissot watch Tissot T035210a
Screw Down Case Back

Tools you need (for snap-on case backs)

As I will be changing my mom’s watch – Tissot T035210a, I will be sharing how to do via snap on case backs.

The essential tools that you will need are:

  • Pry tool knife
  • Tweezers
  • Spring bar remover tool
  • Cloth or tape
  • Batteries
  • Your watch

The not-so-essential tools but highly recommended are:

  • Case back presser
  • Finger cots
Tools Needed to Change Watch Battery

I highly recommend an affordable watch repair tool kit here. It is pretty complete set and affordable. Good for those who are beginner in watch repair/watch hobby. Here are my affiliate links:

Beginner Affordable AliExpress Watch Repair Tool Kit

Step 1: Remove whatever obstacles in front of you

This depends on your watch. You may have to remove these:

  • Strap / Bracelet – using spring bar remover
  • Deploying clasp

All this so that you can open your case back easier.

Removing clasp - to change battery

Step 2: Pry open the case back

Again depending on your watch, most watches have an indentation or a lip on the case back like shown in this picture below:

Lip on Watch Case Back

If your watch doesn’t have any of this indentation like mine, you just gotta try to pry it open safely with cloth / tape.

Pry open case back for watch battery change
Use your knife to pry them open. It might take some tries, and then woila!

Step 3: Don’t lose anything

Once you open up the case back, take a picture of the movement inside. The next time your battery runs low, you can refer to this picture so you know which battery to get before you open up the case. USEFUL TIP!

Tissot T035210a Battery, Open Case Back
Example of the picture I took years back

Step 4: Remove the old battery gently

Be careful not to touch any other things, especially the coils.

Change Watch Battery Tissot T035210a

Step 5: Replace it with a New Battery

Time to change the battery! Use your tweezers and place the new battery in. Check whether is it ticking normally.

Changing Watch Battery Tissot T035210a

Step 6: Clean the watch while you’re at it

If your watch is dirty, clean it. DO NOT use a damp cloth, a micro fibre cloth works best.

Step 7: Put the case back on

Carefully place back the gasket.
Note: Most watches have a groove/indentation on the case back, so that you won’t break the crown, but mine doesn’t. So I will just put back like how I took it off.

Placing gasket back on the case back before closing

Step 8: Secure it and that’s it! You’ve done the easiest watch repair – changing the battery!

If all is well, just press it using your hands. You’ll feel it once it’s snapped back into place. And you’re all done! 

Securing Case Back Tissot T035210a

What if it doesn’t snap back into place?

If it doesn’t snap back into place, this is where a case back presser will come in handy. 

 Case back presser

I hope this article helps.

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