12 Best Affordable Watches You Can Gift (Under $100)

Watches don’t have to be expensive to be good. Here are the 12 best affordable watches under $100 that are perfect as gifts.

Criteria For This List of Budget Friendly Watches

When it comes to gifting watches to someone, I would prefer it to last. I didn’t want to gift a smartwatch or a fashion brand watches that will only last a few years. So here are my criteria for this list:

  • Price below/around $100
  • Reputable brands
  • Good track records
  • Value for money

12 Best AFFORDABLE Watches under $100
(in 4 categories)

Category 1: Digital Silver Casio

Let’s start with the good old digital watches. When it comes to digital watches, there’s only one brand you can go for. Despite its ridiculously low price tags, Casio has been regarded as one of the best watch brands out there. This style of silver Casio suits those who love the retro look. There are of course lots of models with slight variations from each other.

Here are the ones that I will recommend after trying them on my tiny 150mm wrist.

Casio A168

The Casio A168 is a bigger brother of the A158, which is a silver version of the famous F-91W. As you can see in the photos below, they look pretty much the same, but the thicker A168 does have a little bit more wrist presence.

Casio A158 and Casio A168 from ben's watch club
Left: A158; Right: A168
Source: www.benswatchclub.com
Casio A158 Wristshot
A158 on my 150mm wrist
Casio A168 Wristshot
A168 on my 150mm wrist
Backlight Casio A168 vs A158
Also, this particular model (right) has a better backlight than the A158 (left)
Source: www.benswatchclub.com
Chris Pine (Wonder Woman) wearing Casio A168
Chris Pine is seen wearing Casio A168
Source: Warner Bros.
Casio A168

Casio A700

If you would like a thinner, sleeker and might I add, slightly more elegant design than the A168, look no further than the Casio A700. With only a thickness of 6 mm, it is the thinnest Casio digital ever.

You can either opt for this mesh bracelet or this retro looking one. Notice that there are differences in the color of the watch itself too. The mesh featured a silver dial, while the retro bracelet features a usual 80s-looking black dial.

Casio A700
Casio A700
Source: www.benswatchclub.com
Casio A700W-1ACF
Source: shensarloji
Casio A700WEM-7AEF
Source: shensarloji

Casio AE1200 a.k.a Casio Royale

If your loved one likes James Bond and has a thing for geeky gadgets – you can go for the Casio AE1200. In the 1983’s James Bond movie: Octopussy, he was spotted wearing a Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100:

Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100
Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100
Source: jamesbondlifestyle.com
Casio AE1200 Worldtime
Casio AE1200
Source: casiofanmag.com

Known as Casio Royale (a play on the James Bond movie: Casino Royale), as you can see, the AE1200 looks a little bit similar to this. This causes a cult following for this watch. The best part of the watch is that it has a world-time function, with a push of a button, you get to see different time zones. Pretty cool.

At a point in time, I actually owned this and modded a little bit. I removed the words illuminator and the 10-year battery because I thought it will be cleaner that way. But afterward, I sold it because it looks kinda big and awkward for my small wrist. Kinda regret it now, not gonna lie.

Casio AE1200 Worldtime
Slight modifications on this piece before I sold it
Casio AE1200 Worldtime

Casio A500

What if you really like the world time function, but just like me, you have a small wrist – well afraid not! Casio A500 has come to save us. This A500 is a smaller and slender-looking watch with the same features as the Casio Royale. Even while recording this, I’m getting the itch to purchase one of these to replace my AE1200.

Casio A500 Worldtime
Source: selenelion
Casio A500 Worldtime

Category 2: Robust G-Shocks

From a clumsy wreck like me who always drops things, hitting things to a hardcore outdoorsy fireman, get them a Casio G-Shocks. Mr. Ibe, a Casio Engineer at that time set up “Project Team Tough” after he broke a mechanical watch gifted by his father. This team was created to invent a watch that is simply unbreakable.

Following these Triple 10 Principles:
10 Year Battery Life
10 Bar Water Resistance
– Survive 10 Meter Drop

After throwing over 200 prototypes, the first G-Shock was born.

Original first G-Shock DW-5000C 1983
Source: G Shock UK

Casio G-Shock DW5600

This is by far, the most famous g-shock model, in fact, it is the original design designed by Kikuo Ibe.

Casio G-Shock DW5600
Source: www.benswatchclub.com

One thing to note, however, is because of its shock absorption design, this may wear a little bit big on those with smaller wrists. So a tip would be to drop by your local retail shops to try it on and see if it fits. Below is what it looks like on my 150mm wrist:

Casio G-Shock DW5600 Small 150mm Wristshot
DW5600 on my 150mm wrist
Casio G-Shock DW5600

Casio GMA-S2100 a.k.a. CasiOak

Nicknamed after Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Casio GMA-S2100 got its nickname because of the similar octagonal design of the watch case. This is also one of the most famous models out there when it comes to the Casio G-Shocks.

I often overlook these CasiOaks because somehow I didn’t find them to be attractive. But surprise surprise, one day I visited a G-Shock shop and spotted this particular model: Casio GMA-S2100, and tried it on. To my surprise, wow. I like how it looks! The next thing I find myself doing is, researching everything to know about these CasiOaks, which I did before.

Casio GMA-S2100 CasiOak
Source: www.Hodinky-365.com

I found out that this specific model is a smaller version than the usual CasiOak. Casio also marketed this smaller version as a women’s size watch. To be honest, I feel any guy can pull this off especially the white and the black one.

Black Casio GMA-S2100 CasiOak 150mm Small WristShot
The smaller CasiOak surprised me. This fits better than the DW5600.
Wrist size: 150mm
Casio GMA-S2100 CasiOak

Category 3: Adventurous Field Watches

Field watches, also known as military watches, are durable timepieces designed for use in rugged outdoor environments. They typically feature a simple, easy-to-read design with large numerals and hands, and a utility-style aesthetic making them a popular choice for adventurers.

Timex Expedition

Timex Expedition is a line of field watches produced by Timex, a well-known watch manufacturer. These watches are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and feature durable materials, such as water-resistant cases and shock-resistant movements.

Timex Expedition watches often have large, easy-to-read dials and come equipped with features such as Indiglo backlighting, chronographs, and timers. They are known for their combination of affordability, ruggedness, and functionality, making them a popular choice for people who lead active lifestyles.

Timex Expedition

Seiko SNK Models

Seiko SNK803
Seiko SNK803

Category 4: Classy Dress Watches

Dress watches are timepieces designed for formal occasions and are characterized by their understated elegance and refined appearance. These watches typically feature simple, minimalist designs with elegant metal cases, leather straps, and clean, uncluttered dials.

Dress watches often lack the rugged features and added functions of other types of watches, instead emphasizing their classic style and subtle luxury.

Casio MTP-VT01 or LTP-VT01

This watch has a stylish and modern design that is sure to catch the eye. It features a durable stainless steel case and band, but a very scratch-prone acrylic crystal. The watch has a simple and easy-to-read display, making it perfect for those who prefer a minimalist style.

Both watches have precise quartz movements, ensuring accurate timekeeping, and are ideal for people who dislike the idea of setting the time occasionally.

Whether you’re looking for a modern and stylish watch or a classic and timeless one, the MTP-VT01D-1B and LTP-VT01D-1B have got you covered. I personally bought these two watches as a couple’s watch pair for both my parents.

Casio Souple Watch Casio MTP-VT01 & LTP-VT01

Seiko SNKL Models

The Seiko SNKL is a stylish watch that’s a hit with those who appreciate quality and design. Produced by the reliable brand Seiko, it’s part of the popular Seiko 5 collection. With its affordable price tag and dependable performance, the SNKL offers great value.

The watch has a sleek stainless steel case that stands out and a simple but eye-catching dial with easy-to-read hour markers and hands. Whether you’re looking for a stylish accessory to wear on the weekends or just want a high-quality watch to wear every day, the Seiko SNKL is an excellent choice.

Seiko SNKL41, SNKL45
Seiko SNKL

Seiko SNXS Models

Seiko SNXS79
Seiko SNXS79

Orient Tri Star RA-AB0034Y19B

The Orient Tri Star RA-AB0034Y19B is a truly stunning timepiece that is overlooked and underrated. Its bright sunburst dial and high-quality construction make it a standout watch that is sure to turn heads.

Orient’s stock image of this timepiece does not do justice. I first came across this watch through MinitWatch’s YouTube video, and I was so impressed with it. So, if you’re in the market for a new watch, I highly recommend giving the Orient Tri Star a closer look. You won’t be disappointed.

Orient Tri Star RA-AB0034Y19B
What a beautiful sunburst dial!
Source: minitwatch
Orient Tri Star RA-AB0034Y19B

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