Cheapest Cartier Tank Alternative: Casio LTP V007 Watch Review

Pricing at $3,000 to $7,000, the iconic Cartier Tank has been one of the watch fan’s favorites for a long time, and understandably so!
The history and design attached to the watch are simply like a holy grail for the watch enthusiast.

Having said that, not many of us are able to splurge on watches at that price range, and sadly, many opted for fake Cartier Tank watches instead.

I do not support fake watches at all and highly discourage anyone from buying them. But I understand one wants a cool classy watch to replace this hole in our hearts. Well, let me introduce this $20 watch from Casio that may be, the cheapest Cartier Tank alternative ever.

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JLC Reverso, Cartier Tank, Rectangular Watches
Rectangular Watches – Something Really Classy About It, Don’t You Think?



Pro 1: $20 Cartier Tank Inspired Design

It’s ridiculously cheap. This is why I am firmly against counterfeit watches, as you don’t need to spend a lot to wear a watch. Additionally, you are getting a Casio, a brand that almost every watch enthusiast can appreciate.

Shopee Casio LTP-V007L Malaysia
It’s only about $20!

Pro 2: Surprisingly Solid

When I first unboxed it, I was pleasantly surprised by its substantial-good weight. I initially was expecting a plastic toy watch kind of weight seeing its size, so I’m really glad that this feels substantial and solid.

not a plastic toy watch kind of weight, definitely

Pro 3: Original Design

Arguably, the Seiko Tank may be a better alternative for The Cartier Tank, I would argue that this Casio is like a baby between Reverso & the Tank.

On a first glance, it looks like a homage to the tank, but due to the lugs and case design, it gives off slight JLC’s reverso vibes.

CASIO LTP-V007L-7B1UDF VS Cartier Tank Vs JLC Reverso
For those who dislike copycat homage watches, this watch is a good choice since it doesn’t look exactly like the Tank. Baby of Cartier Tank + JLC Reverso

So, this might be a plus for you. But if you prefer a more accurate tank design, consider these Seiko Tanks.

Seiko Tank, Cartier Tank Affordable Alternative, Seiko SWR049

Seiko SWR049 (Men)

Seiko Tank, Cartier Tank Affordable Alternative, Seiko SWR053

Seiko SWR053 (Women)

Pro 4: Classy Dial + Cartier Tank Inspired

The watch’s main attention grabber is of course, its dial – the roman numerals with minute markers, on a lovely silver sunburst dial. So, with this Casio, you’re definitely getting some inspiration from the Cartier Tank. This is just a really classy watch.

CASIO LTP-V007L-7B1UDF Small Wrist Shot

Pro 5: Small Size (Perfect for Women)

This could be an advantage if you’re a woman or don’t mind wearing a small watch if you have a small wrist. So, for all you ladies out there, this could be your go-to watch.

  • Case Width: 22m
  • Lug to lug: 31mm
  • Thickness: 7.5mm
  • Lug width: 14mm
  • Leather strap tapers down from 14mm to 12mm
CASIO LTP-V007L-7B1UDF Small Wrist Shot (150mm, 5.9 inches)

Con 1: Might be TOO SMALL for men

I think the biggest con for this watch is also its small size. Unfortunately, Casio only produced this watch for ladies as part of their LTP line. However, men with smaller wrists can still wear it or try changing the strap to a non-tapering one to increase its wrist presence.

CASIO LTP-V007L-7B1UDF Men Wrist Shot

My Honest Thoughts

I have no regrets purchasing this watch and although on the first day, it felt weird wearing it because I simply wasn’t used to wearing a feminine small watch.

But today is only the day 2 of wearing this, and I already got used to it and I LOVE IT.
If you’re a lady looking for a Cartier Tank alternative, this watch is a no-brainer.

And for the guys out there, you can always get this for your girlfriend or wife and get themselves into this unhealthy watch hobby of yours 🙂

But seriously though, this watch is so worth it, and I highly recommend it.

CASIO LTP-V007L-7B1UDF with a guitar
No regrets at all!

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