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Best Affordable GMT Movement: Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK003

As a watch enthusiast, I couldn’t resist delving into this timepiece that has been making waves in the watch community. But wait, there’s more! This watch holds a special place in my heart as it has even sparked a shared interest in my family members, leading them to make purchases of their own. Join me as I uncover the design, functionality, and craftsmanship that make the Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK003 an affordable GMT watch.

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Glycine Airman the first gmt watch
A vintage Glycine Airman watch – image by Analog / Shift

The idea of GMT watches came up in the 1950s when pilots and travelers needed a reliable way to keep track of time in different places. And guess what? it wasn’t Rolex who created the first known GMT, it was Glycine in 1953. However, it can be agreed upon that it was the Rolex that popularized and changed the game of the GMT watches with their Rolex GMT Master, in 1954, when they created it for the Pan Am Airlines pilots.

Rolex GMT MASTER first gmt watch
Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 in 1954

So, how do these GMT watches work? It’s pretty simple, actually. You’ve got your regular hour and minute hands telling you the local time, and then there’s that extra hand or small dial showing the time back home or wherever you want to keep track of.


The three fresh variations each display a distinct dial color – black, blue, and orange. To ensure clear visibility, the GMT hands are vibrant red for the black and blue dials and black for the orange version.

seiko 5 sports gmt ssk001 black version on table
Seiko SSK001 – Black Ver.
seiko 5 sports gmt ssk003 blue version on table
Seiko SSK003 – Blue Ver.
seiko 5 sports gmt ssk005 orange version on table
Seiko SSK005 – Orange Ver.


Movement: Automatic Caliber 4R34
Power reserve: Approx. 41 hours
Case Material: Stainless steel
Case Thickness: 13.6mm
Case Diameter: 42.5mm
Lug-to-lug: 46.0mm
Crystal: Hardlex
Lume: LumiBrite
Distance between lugs: 22mm
Water Resistance: 10 Bar


seiko ssk vs seiko skx
Seiko SSK003 VS SEIKO SKX013

Inspired by one of Seiko’s highly admired divers – the beloved Seiko SKX series – you can definitely see a similar case design including the hour markers. However, instead of painted hour markers like the SKX, this one has applied hour markers, which is definitely an upgrade. Also, similar to the SKX, this comes with a jubilee bracelet, but this definitely is a way better quality compared to the jangly bracelet that SKX has. It also feels heavier and thus, making the wearing experience feels more premium.

Seiko SSK003

The sunburst blue dial proudly showcases the iconic Seiko 5 logo, alongside the words “Automatic” and “GMT” in a striking red hue at the lower section. A cyclops bubble on the right side magnifies the date for easy reading. The red GMT hand is a real standout, adding an eye-catching touch to this GMT watch. The Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK003 truly captivates with its appearance! What’s intriguing is the bezel’s color – it’s a subtle blue that might go unnoticed in normal lighting conditions. Here’s a funny tidbit: my brother didn’t even realize it was partially blue at first – quite the surprise!

Seiko SSK003 WristShot


1. Hardlex Crystal (Not A Sapphire Crystal)

I do not understand why would Seiko continue using their Hardlex crystal even at this price range. In my opinion, this is one of the least things that watch wearers could ask for, and sadly Seiko can’t even give us that.

Close up shot seiko ssk003 blue batman

2. Form Fitted Bezel (No Snappy Snappy)

The form-fitted bezel might bother some wearers as well. It is a bidirectional non-clicky bezel.

3. Not A True GMT

Seiko SSK Transparent Caseback

There aren’t a lot of GMT options out there within this price range. What Seiko has done at this price range, is truly a market changer. Although it isn’t a True GMT, this office GMT is still a bang for the buck. To understand the differences between an office & a true GMT, I highly suggest watching this video by Mark from Long Island Watch who did an awesome job explaining the differences. I think you should at least know what’s the difference so that you can make a better-informed buying decision. Watch here


1. Good-Looking Watch

Although with a quite a thick watch, it is still wearable even with my small wrist. And I might add, it’s actually pretty comfortable if I were to compare with my SKX013, probably due to the better quality of bracelet.

2. Seiko SKX Alternative

For those who love the SKX design, and yet did not jump into the chance of getting one due to the high price, this Seiko GMT SSK is easily more worth it. So consider getting this. My article here explains more

3. Probably the most useful complications out there (something that you might actually use.

4. Worth the money, hardly find any other GMT watch that of a similar price range.


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