How to Change Watch Battery in 8 Simple Steps

Are you still visiting watch repair shops to get your battery replaced? Well, guess what, it is easier than what it may seems and you may even attempt it yourself. I will be breaking down how to change your watch battery in 8 simple steps (with picture and/or video).

If you prefer a video version: here it is.

Before you begin:

Determine what type of case backs you have

Watches typically have two types of case backs enclosing the movement inside. It’s important to know how to differentiate it because it will determine the required tools.

Snap on / snap back case back tissot watch Tissot T035210a
Screw Down Case Back

Tools you need (for snap-on case backs)

As I will be changing my mom’s watch – Tissot T035210a, I will be sharing how to do via snap on case backs.

The essential tools that you will need are:

  • Pry tool knife
  • Tweezers
  • Spring bar remover tool
  • Cloth or tape
  • Batteries
  • Your watch

The not-so-essential tools but highly recommended are:

  • Case back presser
  • Finger cots
Tools Needed to Change Watch Battery

I highly recommend an affordable watch repair tool kit here. It is pretty complete set and affordable. Good for those who are beginner in watch repair/watch hobby. Here are my affiliate links:

Beginner Affordable AliExpress Watch Repair Tool Kit

Step 1: Remove whatever obstacles in front of you

This depends on your watch. You may have to remove these:

  • Strap / Bracelet – using spring bar remover
  • Deploying clasp

All this so that you can open your case back easier.

Removing clasp - to change battery

Step 2: Pry open the case back

Again depending on your watch, most watches have an indentation or a lip on the case back like shown in this picture below:

Lip on Watch Case Back

If your watch doesn’t have any of this indentation like mine, you just gotta try to pry it open safely with cloth / tape.

Pry open case back for watch battery change
Use your knife to pry them open. It might take some tries, and then woila!

Step 3: Don’t lose anything

Once you open up the case back, take a picture of the movement inside. The next time your battery runs low, you can refer to this picture so you know which battery to get before you open up the case. USEFUL TIP!

Tissot T035210a Battery, Open Case Back
Example of the picture I took years back

Step 4: Remove the old battery gently

Be careful not to touch any other things, especially the coils.

Change Watch Battery Tissot T035210a

Step 5: Replace it with a New Battery

Time to change the battery! Use your tweezers and place the new battery in. Check whether is it ticking normally.

Changing Watch Battery Tissot T035210a

Step 6: Clean the watch while you’re at it

If your watch is dirty, clean it. DO NOT use a damp cloth, a micro fibre cloth works best.

Step 7: Put the case back on

Carefully place back the gasket.
Note: Most watches have a groove/indentation on the case back, so that you won’t break the crown, but mine doesn’t. So I will just put back like how I took it off.

Placing gasket back on the case back before closing

Step 8: Secure it and that’s it! You’ve done the easiest watch repair – changing the battery!

If all is well, just press it using your hands. You’ll feel it once it’s snapped back into place. And you’re all done! 

Securing Case Back Tissot T035210a

What if it doesn’t snap back into place?

If it doesn’t snap back into place, this is where a case back presser will come in handy. 

 Case back presser

I hope this article helps.

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Flat Lay Seiko SKX013

Is The Seiko SKX013 Worth Buying in 2022?

My Personal Story of Owning the Seiko SKX013

This was my first actual watch that I got for myself with my own money 2 years ago. I decided to get an actual watch to celebrate the beginning of my drastic career change. Thus, this was bought with the first month salary I received in that new job.

For those who struggled before in their career and successfully manage to transition to a new career, it was a place of vulnerability yet, celebratory. I wanted to gift myself a tangible object that I can always remember with, and what a perfect gift this was, a real actual durable watch that reminds me to be like this watch, strong, reliable and having fortitude in life.

Sorry for getting way too personal over there, but that is how I view my watches. I buy watches for personal reasons and each piece means a lot to me. Back to the story, because I wanted a durable watch, hence I stumbled across the Seiko SKX.

Seiko SKX007, SKX009

To be honest, I was feeling ‘meh’ on the SKX007 and SKX009, but I was very intrigued with the SKX013 (the smaller one).

Seiko SKX007, SKX009
Left: SKX007; Right: SKX009
Seiko SKX013 and Seiko SKX007
Left: Seiko SKX013; Right: Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX013 Specifications

  • Case Size: 38mm
  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Lug-to-lug: 43mm
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Movement: Auto Seiko 7s26
  • Crystal: Seiko Hardlex

This smaller version of the SKX comes at 38mm with a steel case (13mm thick), 200 m water resistance, Hardlex crystal, with a screw down crown at the 4 o’clock. Inside, you have the famous old, but reliable Seiko 7S26 movement. What caught my attention at that time as a first time watch owner, was the lume and the bezel!

Embarrassingly, for the first few days, I wore it to sleep just to admire the lume. The lume used on the watch is Lumibrite, it is perfectly visible glowing a warm green colour. I have 150mm wrist size and you know what, it fits perfectly on my tiny wrist!

If I were to nitpick however, it is a bit tad top heavy and thick, so it felt like I was wear a heavy rock on top of my wrist. But then again, I don’t mind it.

What is the current price of Seiko SKX013?

It is all about the price isn’t it?

I was shocked to find out on the current price. I can’t find any in Shopee/Lazada/Tokopedia/Jomashop, but I found few listed in Chrono24 for USD 500 – $ 600. There’s one listed in local Malaysian’s Carousell priced at RM2.5k or USD 500. That is way too expensive in my opinion. For comparison, I bought this 2 years back at only USD 230.

Seiko SKX013 on a table with a plant

It’s pricey for what it’s worth. But you can still consider the Seiko SKX013 if you..

1. Have small wrists & looking for a mechanical diver

One will understand one’s struggles – Having small wrists. Needless to say, it’s difficult to find a watch that our small wrists can carry without looking awkward. SKX013 is one of those. With its case size of 38mm, albeit its thickness. You can still pull it off.

wrist shot of seiko skx013
Wrist Size: 150mm

2. Want to have an ISO certified watch

Having an ISO certified watch means that the watch has met the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization for its design, production, and quality control processes. ISO certification is a globally recognized symbol of quality and reliability, and it guarantees that the watch will perform to a set of established standards.

Watches with ISO certification are typically used in demanding environments such as diving, aviation, and military operations, where reliability and accuracy are critical. An ISO certified watch gives the owner peace of mind that the watch is of high quality and will perform as expected under tough conditions.

Seiko SKX Scuba Diving Shot

3. Want to modify this watch

The Seiko SKX, it is one of the most famous models that has a lot of modifications options available. You can get yourself different kinds of bezels, hour hands, replace it with a sapphire crystal, and much more. Check out google for inspirations.

It’s pretty cool to have a watch that is truly one of the kind.

But please remember that once you mod this watch, basically it’s no longer ISO certified. Something to keep in mind.


4. Want some form of respect from the watch community

Look, I believe in wearing what you want to wear, but if you would like an iconic piece that even the most snobbish watch collector would not scoff at, this watch is it.

5. Want to sell it in the future

If you would like to flip this watch in the future, maybe you can consider getting this, because it’s hardly available now. So, maybe the price might continue to increase. But just take it with pinch of salt. I’m just speculating.

Final Thoughts

This watch is a very personal watch and in fact it was my first ever proper watch, so yes in a way, this watch is my gateway drug to this whole watch thing and I have no regrets at all getting this watch. I remember being so anxious because most stores are out of stock especially for this smaller size, they still have stock for the skx007 or skx009, but very limited stock on this.

I remember being super excited unboxing it and was so happy about this watch. It was really a good buy and I really have no regrets whatsoever. But just my 2 cents, for its price now, it is simply not worth it anymore. Let me know the comments below whether do you think it’s still worth it.

If you are interested in other Seiko watch reviews: here they are: Seiko SNXS79 Review, Seiko SNK803 Review

Affiliate Links (if you are interested)

Check out these Seiko SKX shop links if you are interested. Shopping through these links earns me a small commission and helps support this blog/Youtube channel.

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Flat Lay Seiko SNXS79

Is Seiko SNXS79 Still Worth It?


1. Affordable Price Tag

You can get the Seiko SNXS79 for around USD $100 (at the time of writing this). I couldn’t think of any other watches with similar specifications that are available in this price range, except probably the Orient Tri-Star line. However, if you want a mechanical Seiko on your wrist; it is not going to happen unless you are willing to spend quite a fortune, especially the newer Seiko 5 line.

Seiko SNXS79 Specifications
Watch Specifications

2. 7S26 Mechanical Movement

YES. Along with the mechanical automatic movement on your wrist, you also can stare at its transparent case back. Inside, you have the Seiko caliber 7s26 ticking away. It is an automatic movement used in many popular Seiko divers including the famous, Seiko SKX and the entry-level Seiko 5 watches.

Introduced in 1996, the Seiko 7S26 caliber is a non-hacking and non-winding mechanism, with its accuracy ranging from +/- 20 to 49 seconds per day. Undoubtedly, some wearers do complain about the inaccuracy of the movement, I would say it is still worth getting. Although it is an old movement, it is known to be one of the most reliable movements out there.

Seiko 7s26-0480 Transparent Caseback
Peek on 7S26 Movement With Transparent Case Back

3. Seiko

Seiko was founded in 1881, by Kintarō Hattori. Needless to say, Seiko is a Japanese watch brand that has a good reputation in watchmaking. Seiko is a highly regarded brand with strong heritage brand and making their marks everywhere in the watch industry.

You can’t go wrong with a Seiko. It is a brand that transcends watch enthusiasts. Try asking people (watch nerd or not) around you, I bet most of them know about Seiko.

Seiko SNXS79 Dial

4. High-Quality Design – especially the dial

Seiko SNXS79
Stunning sunburst dial

5. Rolex OP Alternative

I am a huge fan of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Something about the timeless design and the sunburst effect captivated me. But I knew that I will never spend or will ever afford to get that watch. So how? I get this lah~ (apologies for my Malaysian slang coming out).

This is such a good alternative, because it isn’t exactly a copy for copy homage watch because you can see that Seiko still preserves its own originality design into it, and I love it for that!

I just do not want to be seen wearing a fake Rolex. I want an authentic watch with pride in its own design. Of course, you can’t deny that it might have been inspired by the Rolex, but then again it’s not a 100% copy. Which reminded me of a quote that I recently came across in a book:

“Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas.”

Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative. Get this book here
Rolex Oyster Perpetual
Rolex Oyster Perpetual


1. Non-Sapphire Crystal

This watch doesn’t have sapphire crystal. Huh? Here’s a short explanation: A watch crystal is the top part (the transparent glass material) covering the watch.

A sapphire crystal is made out of premium material – diamond and sapphire. This combination makes it more scratch resistant compared to others. Meaning, you need not to worry about wearing a watch with a sapphire crystal and bringing it anywhere. It won’t scratch as easily.

Seiko’s own Hardlex on the other hand, which is a type of crystal glass Seiko produces by heating a mixture of barium and silicon. According to Seiko, this material comes in several grades and is more scratch-resistant than your normal mineral glass.

Based on my experience of wearing this watch for more than 1 year. I can barely see any scratches.
Note: It is my go-to watch and I wear it almost daily.

Types of watch crystals

2. Quite An Old Movement That Is Non-Hackable

Look, this 7s26 movement is not the best looking ones out there. Nor it is the latest. This Seiko’s automatic cal. 7s26 does not hack and not hand-wound (two functions that have become increasingly popular watches).

Modern Seiko watches are currently using caliber 4R36, thus discontinued this 7s26. It is not very accurate. It runs at +/- 20 to 49 seconds per day. If you’re super OCD about the timing of your watch, please do not get this, else you will go crazy.

But for those who don’t mind, this movement does its job and known to be one of the most reliable movements out there.

7s26 Movement

3. Ugly Bracelet and Odd Case Shape Design

I have to be honest, the original bracelet doesn’t look appealing. It looks and feels like a different metal compared to the watch case itself. But fret not! You can change the bracelet into any 19mm watch straps, or just get one of these oyster bracelets.

I guarantee that it will bring your Seiko SNXS watch to a whole new level. I personally got this watch bracelet from AliExpress.

Note: you have to use back the original end links, because the one from AliExpress, just doesn’t fit correctly. So make sure you keep the original end links.

AliExpress Rolamy Oyster Style Bracelet
Seiko SNXS79 Bracelet Change / Upgrade
Left: Stock original bracelet
Right: AliExpress’s bracelet

SEIKO SNXS79 Is Suitable For:

1. Girls, Woman, Ladies!

Being a female myself, I understand the struggle of finding a watch that is not dainty-looking, without sparkly stuff on it. I love how this is a watch that is somewhat a middle between masculine and feminine.

Whether I’m wearing dresses or shorts, I still wear this as my daily watch. Or even in my formal attire. This is my go-to or default watch when I couldn’t decide which watch to pair with my clothes. In fact, I even wore it to my wedding!

Seiko SNXS79 Wedding Watch
I wore this during my wedding

2. First Time Watch Owners

Seiko 5

3. Seiko SNXS79 is suitable for Both Genders!

Boyfriends/Husbands Looking For Gift For Their Female Loved Ones: because you know what, you can wear this too. It fits nicely for both genders.

The Verdict – Yes! This old but ‘gold’ Seiko SNXS79 is still worth it!

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Buy Seiko SNXS79
Buy Seiko 5
Upgrade Seiko SNXS bracelet

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